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Presidential Documents

Finding Presidential Documents on Member Databases

The following member databases include access to presidential documents. Members must be logged in to to access these databases. These databases are also available in the library.

Member Databases

U.S. Presidential Library
Available on HeinOnline. Includes documents related to U.S. Presidents.

Includes the following documents and more:

Abraham Lincoln: His Speeches and Writings (Ed. Roy P. Basler, 1946)
A Collection of the Speeches of the President of the United States to Both Houses of Congress, at the Opening of Every Session, with Their Answers (1796)
Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents (2009 - present)
The Defense of Freedom (Harry S. Truman, 1951)
Economic Report of the President (1947 - present)
Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States (From George Washington [1789] to George Bush [1989]; Senate Document 101-10)
Nixon Grand Jury Records (1975)
Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States (From Herbert Hoover [1929-1933] to Barack Obama [2009-2014])
Theodore Roosevelt: An Autobiography (1926)
United States and Peace (William H. Taft, 1914)

U.S. Executive (Off. of President)
Available on LLMC Digital.
From Search Collections, select U.S. Federal Government > Executive > U.S. Executive (Off. of President, alpha order)

Includes the following documents and more:

Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents (1789-1914)
Inaugural Addresses (1789-1949)
Public Papers of the President (1929-2004)

Presidential Messages
Available on ProQuest Congressional.
Presidential Messages are sometimes included in House and Senate Documents, as well as other Congressional materials. To find Presidential Messages, try conducting an Advanced Search for "presidential communications and messages" in the "Anywhere except full text" field.