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Dictionaries, Thesauri, and More

Finding Medical Dictionaries

American Jurisprudence Proof of Facts, 3d series. Attorney's Illustrated Medical Dictionary West

  • Location: R121 .A88 2002 (General Collection)
  • Note: Library has ©2002 with up-to-date pocket part.
  • Note: Replaces Am. Jur. Proof of Facts Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary.

Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary W. B. Saunders

  • Location: R121 .D67 2003 (Reference; General Collection)
  • Note: Library has 30th (2003) and 29th (2000) editions.

The Medical Word Finder: A Reverse Medical Dictionary Neal-Schuman

  • Location: R121 H217 1987 (General Collection)
  • Note: Library has ©1987.

Mosby's Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing & Health Professions Mosby/Elsevier

  • Location: R121 .M89 2009 (General Collection)
  • Note: Library has 8th (2009) edition.
  • Note: Includes Medical Spellchecker CD.

Stedman's Medical Dictionary Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

  • Location: R121 .S8 2000 (Reference)
  • Note: Library has print access to the 27th (2000) edition.

Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary F.A.Davis

  • Location: R121 .T18 2001 (General Collection)
  • Note: Library has 19th (2001) edition.

Webster's Medical Desk Dictionary Merriam-Webster

  • Location: R121 .W357 1986 (Historic)
  • Note: Library has @1986.

A Complete Pronouncing Medical Dictionary Lippincott

  • Location: R121 .T46 1886 (Rare Books)
  • Note: Library has 1886 printing.

An Illustrated Encyclopaedic Medical Dictionary Appleton

  • Location: R121 .F6 1890 (Rare Books)
  • Note: Library has 1890-1893 printing.

Dictionary of Medical Acronyms & Abbreviations Saunders

  • Location: R123 .J33 2005 (General Collection)
  • Note: Library has 5th (2005) edition.

MASA: Medical Acronyms, Symbols & Abbreviations Neal-Schuman

  • Location: R123 H217 1988 (Reference)
  • Note: Library has 2nd (1988) edition.

Anatomy & Medical Jargon for Lawyers Pennsylvania Bar Institute

  • Location: R123 .A5 1997 (Historic)
  • Note: Library has ©1997.

Attorney's Dictionary of Medicine and Word Finder LexisNexis

  • Location: KF3821 S352 (Historic)
    • Note: Library print copy last updated October 2013.
  • Electronic Access: Library Lexis computers.

Attorneys' Textbook of Medicine LexisNexis

  • Location: KF3821 G781 (General Collection)
    • Note: Library has 3rd edition with recent updates.
  • Ebook Access: LexisNexis Digital Library via (Membership resource, available to all Jenkins members)

Lawyers' Medical Cyclopedia of Personal Injuries and Allied Specialties LexisNexis

  • Location: KF3821 L425 (Historic)
  • Note: Library has 6th edition with updates through May 2013.

The Sloane-Dorland Annotated Medical-Legal Dictionary West

  • Location: RA1017 S634 1988 (General Collection)
  • Note: Library has ©1987 with 1992 supplement.

The PDR and its subsidiary volumes contain drug label information, including dosages, side effects, and safety information. Data on clinical trials are also included.

Physicians' Desk Reference: PDR Medical Economics Co.

  • Location: RS75 .P5 (General Collection)
  • Note: Library has annual editions and supplements from 54th (2000) to 71st (2017), 51st (1997), 49th (1995), 48th (1994), 46th (1992), 44th (1990), 39th (1985), 33rd (1979), 31st (1977), and 27th (1973) editions.
  • Note: Print publication discontinued with 71st (2017) edition.

PDR for Herbal Medicines Medical Economics Co.

  • Location: RS75 .P5H (General Collection)
  • Note: Library has 4th (2007) edition.

PDR for Nonprescription Drugs PDR Network

PDR Guide to Drug Interactions, Side Effects, and Indications Thomson PDR

  • Location: RS75 .P5C (General Collection)
  • Note: Library has 64th (2010) edition.

This guide focuses on materials available at Jenkins. For more in-depth medical resources, it is best to use a medical library, such as Jefferson University's Scott Memorial Library, Temple University's Health Sciences Libraries, and University of Pennsylvania's Biomedical Library. These libraries may have access restrictions or charges. We recommend contacting the library before visiting for the most up-to-date policy information.