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Federal Administrative Decisions


"[A]dministrative law is a vast field that applies to hundreds of federal agencies. Federal agencies adjudicate far more disputes involving individual rights than do the federal courts. They create more binding rules of conduct than Congress. Agencies also 'administer' in the broadest sense of that word. They investigate, enforce, cajole, politicize, spend, hire, fire, contract, collect information, and disseminate information." Kristin E. Hickman and Richard J. Pierce, Jr., Administrative Law Treatise § 1.1 (2021).

Federal administrative decisions can be difficult to find. Administrative decision publication varies between agencies. More recent agency decisions usually can be found on the agency's website. For older decisions, print loose-leaf services from commercial publishers may be helpful. Because of the large quantity of places available to search for agency decisions, only a selection of the resources available to Jenkins' members are listed in this guide. For more help finding federal administrative decisions, Jenkins' members can contact Research Services at 215.574.1505 or