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Restatement of Charitable Nonprofit Organizations


"To the extent possible, this Restatement sets forth a single law for charities regardless of whether they are corporations, unincorporated associations, or charitable trusts, or whether they take some other legal form that a charity may adopt. ... This Restatement focuses on the duties of those governing charities, the manner in which charitable assets must be protected, and the powers of public officers and private parties seeking to protect charitable assets." Introductory Note to Restatement of the Law, Charitable Nonprofit Orgs. (Am. Law Inst. 2021).

Jenkins has access to the Restatement of the Law, Charitable Nonprofit Organizations in print, on the library's Westlaw computers, and on the member database HeinOnline. Use this guide to find out more about this Restatement and how to access it.

The first series of the Restatement of Charitable Nonprofit Organizations was published in 2021.

Explanation of series numbering: In 2014 ALI devised a new system for numbering series of Restatements. ALI is no longer grouping series by publication date. Instead, all new Restatement subjects will begin as the first series of that subject. Subsequent versions will be labeled as the second series, third series, etc. Prior completed Restatement projects will retain their numbered status. Current and future projects relating to subjects already completed will be numbered by the next sequential series. For more information regarding this change, see the Fall/Winter 2014 issue of The ALI Reporter.

For more information about the different Restatement series, see the About the Restatements Series & Drafting page of this guide.

To help researchers navigate between the different Restatement series, ALI includes "parallel tables", found before the index of most Restatement subjects. These tables show corresponding section numbers between two series of Restatements. Some parallel tables may connect section numbers of the final Restatement with one or more earlier drafts. When using these parallel tables to find where an older series (or draft) section is located in a newer series, be sure to check all volumes of the current series - the parallel tables only point to the sections found in that particular volume. For more information about Parallel Tables, check out our blog post Using the Parallel Tables in the Restatements of the Law.

The Parallel Tables found in the back of Restatement of Charitable Nonprofit Organizations show corresponding section numbers for Restatement of Charitable Nonprofit Organizations and the Tentative Draft.