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Restatement of Torts

ALI on HeinOnline

HeinOnline's American Law Institute Library includes options to search or browse the Restatements of the Law and Principles of the Law, as well as other ALI publications.

The Restatements of the Law and the Principles of the Law are grouped by subject category, listed alphabetically. Each category includes the final draft and recent case citations (pocket parts) of the completed Restatement and Principle projects. When available, the categories also include the drafts, discussions, and revisions of both the completed and the in-process projects. The materials available are listed in date order, with the most recent publication at the top of the list.

To access the American Law Institute Library, Jenkins members must first log in to Once in HeinOnline, use the "Browse Databases By Name" menu and click on "American Law Institute Library". Users can go directly to various ALI materials. Once in the ALI Library, users have the ability to switch to other ALI materials by using the options below the HeinOnline search box.

To search the ALI Library, use the Search box at the top of the screen. This basic search will search all of the ALI Library, including the Restatements, the ALI Reporter, the Proceedings of ALI Annual Meetings, the Principles of the Law, and other ALI and ALI-ABA publications. From the results list, apply filters using the boxes on the left side of the screen to narrow results by selection.

To search a specific Restatement or Principle of the Law, navigate to the title you would like to search then use the "Search this title" option. The search results will include results found in the final publication as well as the draft publications and case citations. Use the filters on the left side of the screen to further narrow the results.

Each volume can also be searched individually. Within the Restatement volume, use the "Search" icon to search within the Restatement section, page, or volume.

If you have a specific Restatement citation you are looking for, use the "Restatement Section Locator" found below the menu of ALI materials.

For more search tips, including how to search phrases and use Boolean operators, see HeinOnline's Advanced Search Syntax Guidelines.

HeinOnline is a membership database available to most Jenkins members. It is also available in the library.

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