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Self-Help: Divorce

Finding Forms Online

Here are some websites where you can find sample forms related to simple, no-fault divorce in Pennsylvania and/or Philadelphia. These forms do not address property or assets.

Divorce Proceedings Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania
Includes information and some standardized court forms for divorce in PA courts. Forms include Notice to Defend and Divorce Complaint, Affidavit of Consent, Waiver of Notice, Notice of Intention to File the Praecipe to Transmit Record..., In Forma Pauperis (forms that ask the court to waive certain fees due to low income), and more.  

Forms Philadelphia Courts
Click on Court of Common Pleas Family Court - Domestic Relations Then click on Divorce to open the list of forms under that category. Forms include Notice to Defend and Divorce Complaint, Praecipe to Reinstate the Complaint, Affidavit under Section 3301d of the Divorce Code (includes Counter-Affidavit), Praecipe to Transmit Record, proposed Divorce Decree, various affidavits related to service, and more.     

Screenshot of Philadelphia Courts Form page


Volunteer Resource Library: Divorce Philadelphia VIP
This Resource Library is mainly intended for attorneys, but it is available online for anyone to access. To find form templates, select "Template" from the "Resource Type" dropdown menu.  These templates are examples that may need to be edited. They can typically be downloaded in Word or PDF. Divorce templates include Divorce: Petition for Special Service, for example. 

Screenshot of Philly VIP Volunteer Resource Library


Sometimes form templates are also found in the court rules. See the PA Laws & Court Rules page of this guide for info on how to find court rules.