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Self-Help: Ejectment

Ejectment Complaint Packet - Philadelphia

The following Ejectment Complaint Packet (Philadelphia) is available at (located under Court of Common Pleas Trial Division - Civil > Commencement Filing Forms). 

Here is some information from the packet:

  • This packet includes forms to help "remove someone from [a] premises who is not under lease..." [emphasis added]
  • A complaint in ejectment is filed in the "Office of Judicial Records which is located in City Hall room 296... or electronically through the Civil Electronic Filing System at"
  • "The cost is $333.23 + $17.00 per defendant."
  • "Once your complaint has been processed, you must have it served on the occupant. Methods of service include, sheriff’s office, process server or by competent adult who is not a party to the action."
  • "After the complaint has been served you must file a notarized affidavit of service in room 296."
  • "The occupant/defendant has 20 days to file an answer to the complaint in room 296.'
  • "On the 21st day, if there is no answer filed by the occupant/defendant, a 10 day notice must be sent to them."

Phila. Elder Justice & Civil Resource Center

"The Elder Justice & Civil Resource Center (the “Center”) is a court-operated resource center located in City Hall. The Center provides assistance for all Philadelphians in civil court matters, with a focus on serving individuals 60 and older and self represented litigants. Managed by the First Judicial District Office of Judicial Records, Civil Division..."

Location: Room 278, City Hall, Philadelphia

Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Assistance Provided: 

  • Provides information on court processes and procedures
  • Refers seniors and self-represented litigants to legal service providers
  • Connects individuals with volunteer attorney and law student programs (by appointment only and subject to availability)
  • Guides beginners through Civil and Orphans’ Court e-filing systems
  • Assists newly appointed guardians with annual and inventory report filing
  • Shares forms and information 


Philadelphia Code § 10-840: Criminal and Defiant Trespassers 
This section of the Philadelphia Code discusses ejectment.

Complaint in Ejectment: Fees for Service Philadelphia Sheriff's Office
This webpage from the Philadelphia Sheriff's Office gives information on the potential cost to have a sheriff serve a complaint in ejectment.

What is Ejectment?

According to the (Philadelphia's) Mayor's Taskforce on Eviction Prevention and Response: Report and Recommendations (June 2018):

Ejectment: "unlike eviction, which is the legal method of removing a tenant when a landlord relationship exists and the tenant is someone paying rent and/or has a lease, ejectment is the legal method of removing someone who is not a tenant. If there is no lease or rent is not being paid, then an owner who wants to remove an occupant must pursue ejectment. While eviction cases occur in Landlord-Tenant Court, ejectment matters are handed in the Court of Common Pleas, which often requires the assistance of an attorney."  - Glossary of Terms (Appendix IX, p. 55).