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Federal Caselaw

Finding Federal Cases on Member Databases

The following member databases include access to federal caselaw. Members must be logged in to to access these databases. These databases are also available in the library.

Fastcase provides access to published federal cases as well as a select unpublished decisions. HeinOnline and LLMC Digital provide access to the U.S. Reports (begins with 1754) and the first series of the Federal Reporter (1880-1920s).

Member Databases

Federal Cases
Available on Fastcase (available for law firms with less than 50 attorneys). Includes cases reported in the United States Reports, the Federal Reporter, the Federal Supplement, and the Bankruptcy Reporter. Select unpublished cases may also be included. See Scope of Coverage for more details.

Early American Case Law
Available on HeinOnline. Coverage varies by source. Most sources include cases from pre-1915. Includes federal and state cases.
Includes the Federal Reporter, first series, vol. 1 (1880) - vol. 300 (1925).

U.S. Supreme Court Library
Available on HeinOnline. Includes U.S. Reports (begins with 1754), United States Reports Preliminary Prints (begins with 2002), and United States Reports Slip Opinions (begins with 2002).

U.S. Judicial
Available on LLMC Digital. Select U.S. Federal Government > Judicial
Coverage varies by source. Includes the U.S. Reports (begins with 1754) and the Federal Reporter, first series, vol. 1 (1880) - vol. 292 (1924).