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Legal Dictionaries

Finding Other Law Dictionaries

Ballentine's Law Dictionary, with Pronunciations Lawyers Co-operative Pub. Co.
Library has 3rd (1969) and 1948 editions.

Bouvier Law Dictionary Publisher varies
Library has Desk ed. (2012), Century ed. (1926), 3rd revision being the 8th edition (1914), 15th revised (1894), 15th revised (1885), 14th revised (1876), 12th revised (1868), 10th revised (1860), 7th revised (1857), 4th revised (1852), 2nd (1843), and 1839 editions. Electronic access to historic (pre-1950) editions available on HeinOnline. See the Historic Legal Dictionaries (pre-1950) page of this guide for more information. For more information about John Bouvier and the first American law dictionary, see our portrait gallery biography: John Bouvier (1787-1851).

Garner's Dictionary of Legal Usage Oxford University Press
Library has 3rd (2011) and 2nd (1995) editions.

A Handbook of Basic Law Terms West
Library has ©1999.

Law Dictionary Barron's
Library has 4th (1996) edition.

Mellinkoff's Dictionary of American Legal Usage West
Library has ©1992.

Modern Dictionary for the Legal Profession Hein
Library has 5th (2021) edition.

Random House Webster's Dictionary of the Law Random House
Library has 1st Random House (2000) edition.