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Self-Help: Finding Laws, Court Rules & More

Legal Research Basics & Primary Authorities

About This Guide

This "Self-Help: Finding Laws, Court Rules & More" guide provides links to websites where users can find statutes (laws passed by legislatures), court rules, regulations, and caselaw for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and/or the federal government. This is a good place to start if you are new to legal research.

Also see our list of Jenkins' other Self-Help research guides on topics like family law, ejectment, elder law, landlord tenant, and writing a brief. Or, see the full list of Jenkins' research guides.

How We Can Help

Members of the public are welcome to visit the Jenkins Law Library for $5 a day (Mon. - Fri., 9am - 5pm) to do their own research. 

Jenkins librarians can help you find and use books and legal databases on our computers. Jenkins staff are not attorneys, so we cannot give you answers to your legal questions or give you legal advice. We cannot select or fill out forms, write briefs or memorandum, or conduct any research for you.

If you have a legal problem, we suggest you talk to an attorney. Please see our Self-Help: Free Legal Aid or Self-Help: Find a Lawyer guides. 

Books & Guides on Doing Legal Research

Here are some examples of books on doing legal research that are available at the Jenkins Law Library. Ask a librarian if you want help finding them.

Pennsylvania Legal Research Handbook
Book Location 

Legal Research in a Nutshell 
Book Location | eBook available via West Academic Digital Library when visiting Jenkins.

Principles of Legal Research 
eBook available via West Academic Digital Library when visiting Jenkins.