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About CRS Reports

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is a legislative branch agency of the Library of Congress that provides research and analysis to members of Congress about legislative issues. P.L. 115-141 directed the creation of as a way to provide public access to CRS Reports. This is an on-going project. Select documents not found on the official CRS Reports website may be found through other databases and websites. See below for more details.

Please contact your member of Congress (Senate / House) to request reports not found through the sources below.

Finding CRS Reports

Congressional Research Service Reports University of North Texas
"The information on this site is compiled and made available as a public service by the Government Documents Department at the UNT Libraries." Includes over 40,000 CRS Reports, including those compiled from "variety of web sites that host CRS reports, either currently or in the past". Select reports available, beginning with 1965. Collection ceased being updated with downloaded content in January 2019.

CRS Reports
The official online publication of CRS Reports. See the About Site & FAQS for coverage information.
Includes over 18,000 CRS reports, including "every CRS report that’s available on Congress’s internal website" as well as select archived reports. Some information may be redacted. See the About page for more information.

CRS Reports
Available on HeinOnline. Over 58,000 CRS Reports. Material added regularly. Check for updates. Once in HeinOnline, select U.S. Congressional Documents > CRS Reports.
HeinOnline's U.S. Federal History Library may include links to CRS Reports in its compiled legislative histories. See the Federal Legislative History guide for more information.

Congressional Research Service Reports
Available on the library's Lexis computers. From the Content tab, select Statutes & Legislation > Federal > Congressional Research Service Reports [located in the Legislative Histories section].

CRS Reports
Available on the library's Bloomberg Law computers. From All Legal Content Search, select U.S. Legislative > U.S. Congress > CRS Reports. Coverage begins with 2003.