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Pennsylvania Court Rules - County

Finding Historical County Court Rules

Occasionally there is a need to see what a court rule looked like in a prior year. Lexis (beginning with 2013) and Westlaw (beginning with 2008) both provide access to older versions of local court rules. The library also has print volumes of Philadelphia county court rules going back to 1993. See below for more details.

Lexis, Westlaw, and Print Resources

Archived Codes
Available on the library's Lexis computers. Historic court rules coverage begins with 2013.

From the Lexis Advance home page, under Explore Content, select Archived Code Search (found under Statutes & Legislation). The Archived Code Search is also accessible on the Statutes & Legislation and Administrative Codes & Reg pages - see the Related Resources box on the right. Lexis requires a search string in order to conduct the search. If you have the court rule, use cite() and include rule number in between the parenthesis. Include the desired county in the search string and connect the rule number and the county with an ampersand. Select "Court Rules", the desired year(s), and the desired jurisdiction(s). Then click "Search".

For example, if you wanted to see how Phila. Civ. R. 210 looked in 2014, use the search string cite(210) & Philadelphia, select "Court Rules", enter 2014 in the date field, select Pennsylvania, then click "Search".

Lexis also allows you to find archived versions of the court rules when in the current court rule. When looking at a current court rule, the "About" box on the right includes a link to archived versions, when available.

Pennsylvania Statutes Annotated - Historical
Available on the library's Westlaw computers. Historic county court rules coverage begins with 2008.

From the Content types tab, select Statutes & Court Rules > Pennsylvania > Pennsylvania Statutes Annotated - Historical (located in the Tools & Resources box on the right). Click on the desired year. Westlaw requires a search string in order to conduct the search. Use the fields listed to help generate the search. Include the county name and rule! in the "All of these terms" field. If you have the rule number, enter the rule number in the "Citation" field.

For example, if you wanted to see how Phila. Civ. R. 210 looked in 2010, once on the Pennsylvania Statutes Annotated - Historical page, click "2010", enter Philadelphia rule! in the "All of these terms" field and 210 in the "Citation" field, and click the search icon.

Philadelphia County Court Rules Publisher Varies (ALM)
Library has 1993 - present.