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Pennsylvania Family Law

Finding Forms

The following resources include forms for a variety of family law matters. While there are not forms for every specific situation, sample forms can be used as templates and modified as needed.

Forms Resources

Children and Families
Includes interactive forms for a variety of custody issues, including Petition for Contempt of Custody, Petition to Modify Support, Notice of Relocation, Motion for Emergency Relief, and more.

Family Law Section - Resources Philadelphia Bar Association
Includes Protection From Abuse and select custody and support forms.

Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, Family Division - Domestic Relations
Includes information and forms related to family law, including divorce, custody, support, and protection from abuse.

Volunteer Resource Library Philadelphia VIP
Includes instructions, manuals, forms, and other resources in several areas of interest under family law.


For additional forms and self-help materials on family law and other topics, please see the Self-Help: Finding Forms guide.

The following member database includes sample Pennsylvania family law forms. Members must be logged in to to access this database. This database is also available in the library.

PA Legal Forms
Includes forms for divorce, custody, support, and paternity.

The following resources include sample Pennsylvania family law forms. Some resources published by LexisNexis and West/Thomson Reuters may be available on the library's Lexis and Westlaw computers. See below for more information.

Dunlap-Hanna Pennsylvania Forms LexisNexis
Also on the library's Lexis computers.
See Volume 9: Family Law.

Essential Family Law Agreements and Documents 2022
Includes sample forms, such as: Sample Marriage Settlement Agreements, Plain Language Agreement, a checklist of what can be addressed in a Marriage Settlement Agreement. 

Library of Pennsylvania Family Law Forms The Legal Intelligencer
Library also has previous editions (listed in catalog record above).

Pennsylvania Family Law Discovery Forms Pennsylvania Bar Institute
Library has previous editions: see all.

Pennsylvania Family Law Practice and Procedure: with Forms West/Thomson Reuters
Also on the library's Westlaw computers.
Library has previous editions: see all.

Premartial Agreements in Pennsylvania PBI Press
Library has previous editions: see all.

County Court Rules ALM Media
Some county court rule books include forms on specific topics. It would be helpful to look at the court rules in conjunction with other form sets when working in a specific county. See the Pennsylvania Court Rules - County research guide for where to find county court rules.

PBI Publications Pennsylvania Bar Institute
Many PBI publications include forms. Search the Jenkins' catalog to find materials on a specific topic. To limit your search results to only PBI materials, select + next to Series located in the Refine by: box to the left of the search results. Then, check off the PBI box.


Select form packets are available at Jenkins. For a complete listing of these forms, see the Self-Help: Finding Forms guide.