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Self-Help: Child Custody & Support

Finding Forms Online

Here are some websites where you can find sample forms related to child custody or support in Pennsylvania and/or Philadelphia.

Resources  Philadelphia Bar Association Family Law Section 
Forms include Complaint for Custody, Petition for Expedited Relief - Custody, Petition for Contempt of Custody Order, Motion for Mental Health Assessment, Complaint for Support, Petition to Modify Existing Support Order, and more.

Forms Philadelphia Courts
Click on Court of Common Pleas Family Court - Domestic Relations. Then click on either Child or Spousal Support or Custody to open the list of forms under each category.

Screenshot of Philadelphia Courts Forms page


Representing Yourself - Custody Proceedings Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania
Includes information and some standardized court forms for custody in PA courts. Also includes In Forma Pauperis forms (forms that ask the court to waive certain fees due to low income).

Volunteer Resource Library Philadelphia VIP
Custody  |  Support
This Resource Library is mainly intended for attorneys, but it is available online for anyone to access. To find form templates, select "Template" from the "Resource Type" dropdown menu. These templates are examples that may need to be edited. They can typically be downloaded in Word or PDF. 

Screenshot of Philly VIP Volunteer Resource Library


Sometimes form templates are also found in the court rules. See the PA Laws & Court Rules page of this guide for info on how to find court rules. 

Finding Forms at Jenkins

Jenkins has the following form packets related to child custody or support available at the front desk:

These form packets are FREE:

Custody & Support:

  • Complaint for Custody
  • Petition for Contempt of Custody Order
  • Petition for Contempt of Support
  • Petition to Modify Custody Order
  • Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis (IFP) - Custody
  • Petition for Reconsideration - Custody

If you can't find a form online or in the packets at Jenkins' front desk, you can visit the library to do your own research. See the "Finding Sample Forms" tab in this box for ideas on where to look when you're at Jenkins.

Disclaimer - The Jenkins Law Library staff is unable to give you legal advice, select forms, and/or fill out forms for you. The information contained in these form packets is not a substitute for professional legal advice. Jenkins Law Library assumes no responsibility and accepts no liability for actions taken by users of these documents, including reliance on their content.

If you can't find a form online or in the packets at Jenkins' front desk, you can visit the library to do your own research. Here are some examples of where you might look to see if you can find sample forms related to child custody or support. Ask a librarian if you want help finding or using these resources. 

Please note: Many of the forms in these resources are only examples. Most sample forms will need to be changed or rewritten to fit your specific situation.

Dunlap-Hanna Pennsylvania Forms LexisNexis
See Volume 9, Chapter 104: "Custody" and Chapter 105: "Support".
Also available on the library's Lexis computers.

Library of Pennsylvania Family Law Forms The Legal Intelligencer
Includes forms in the areas of Custody, Support, Paternity, Discovery, and more. Includes a flash drive so that forms can be accessed electronically. For information on special relief (related to support) please see Sample Form 4.7 Petition for Special Relief and following forms in the book. Also see Pa.R.C.P. 1910.26. Other court rules might apply (see our PA Court Rules - State and PA Court Rules - County guides). 

Philadelphia County Domestic Relations Practice Pennsylvania Bar Institute
See Chapter 2: "Custody" and Chapter 6: "Support."

Pennsylvania Transaction Guide LexisNexis
See Volume 15, Chapter 263: "Support" and Chapter 269: "Custody Provisions". 
Also available on the library's Lexis computers.

For more information, see our Pennsylvania Forms and our Pennsylvania Family Law: Forms guides.