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Federal Securities Law

About Federal Caselaw

"'Case law' generally refers to the written opinions of appellate courts on specific issues raised in litigated disputes." Kent C. Olson, Principles of Legal Research § 10.1 (3rd ed. 2020).

Jenkins has electronic access to federal cases on Lexis, Westlaw, Bloomberg Law, and Fastcase in the library. Many members can also access Fastcase remotely. Select decisions may be available for free online.

Finding Federal Securities Caselaw

Federal caselaw can be found for free online from a number of sources, including the U.S. Supreme Court, govinfo, and court websites. Internet search engines, like Google Scholar, and other sites, like and the Harvard Law School Caselaw Access Project, can also be used to find federal cases.

For a full list of places to find federal caselaw for free online, see the Federal Caselaw research guide.

The following member database includes access to federal caselaw. Members must be logged in to to access this database. This database is also available in the library.

Select federal cases may be available on HeinOnline and LLMC Digital. For information about finding federal caselaw in these databases, see the Federal Caselaw research guide.

Federal Cases
Available on Fastcase (available for law firms with less than 50 attorneys). Includes cases reported in the United States Reports, the Federal Reporter, the Federal Supplement, and the Bankruptcy Reporter. Select unpublished cases may also be included. See Scope of Coverage for more details.

Federal Securities Cases
Available on the library's Lexis computers. From the Practice Area tab, select Securities Law > Federal Securities Cases (found under the "Cases" heading). Coverage varies by court. The larger All Federal Cases file may include additional cases.

Securities Cases
Available on the library's Westlaw computers. From the Practice areas tab, select Securities Enforcement & Litigation > Cases. Includes reported and unreported case law from the state and federal courts that relate to trading and distribution of investment securities and commodity futures. Coverage begins with 1859 and may vary by court.

Securities Court Opinions
Available on the library's Bloomberg Law computer. From Practice Centers select Securities > Securities Home > Federal Dockets & Opinions > Search All Federal Securities Court Opinions.

Federal Securities Cases
Available on the library's VitalLaw computer. From Practice Areas, select Securities - Federal & International > Litigation Materials > Federal Securities Cases. Cases come from the Federal Securities Law Reporter. Coverage begins with 1941.

Federal Securities Law Reporter CCH
Library has Transfer Binders 1945-2019. More recent years available on the library's VitalLaw computer.