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Self-Help: Landlord Tenant

Philly Tenant Hotline: 267-443-2500

Free Legal Aid Organizations & Programs

According to, tenants in zip codes 19121, 19134, 19139 and 19144 who make less than 200% of the federal poverty level are currently eligible for free representation in eviction cases through a program called Right to Counsel. Free legal help can be accessed by calling the Philly Tenant Hotline at (267) 443-2500.

Also see Jenkins' Self-Help: Free Legal Aid and/or Self-Help: Find a Lawyer guides.

Also see Jenkins' Self-Help: Free Legal Aid and/or Self-Help: Find a Lawyer guides.

Tenant Landlord Digital Assistant (T/LDA)

Tenant/Landlord Digital Assistant (T/LDA)

T/LDA (pronounced "Tilda") is a digital guide dog to walk you through a Landlord-Tenant case for non-payment of rent in the Philadelphia Municipal Court, one step at a time.

How T/LDA can help:

  • T/LDA will ask you questions about your situation
  • T/LDA will give you information about the court process and your options based on your answers
  • T/LDA will direct you to other resources that can help

T/LDA is not a person or a lawyer.

T/LDA does not give legal advice.

Offered by the Philadelphia Municipal Court.

Tools & Resources for Tenants

Renters Rights Workshop Webinar Tenant Union Representative Network (TURN)
Register for a 1-hour Zoom workshop to learn about landlord-tenant issues, including a question and answer session. See the website for class times.

Philadelphia Municipal Court Electronic Filing System City of Philadelphia
Check Philadelphia eviction court records using the "Public Login" option on the  website. See Jenkins' blog post for an example of how to log in and search for landlord-tenant court records. 

L&I Lookup Resources City of Philadelphia
Find permits, licenses, housing code violations, and appeals by address using the Property History option. This site can also be used to find a licensed contractor, look up a contractor permit, see the L&I Appeal Calendar, and more.  

Atlas City of Philadelphia
Search this map for the history of permits, licenses, and inspections at an address. This site can also be used to find your polling place for voting and more.

Landlord/Property Background Check ($10) Tenant Union Representative Network (TURN)
TURN provides reports on a landlord and/or property for $10 to help renters make informed decisions about housing.

Rental Property Inspection Tenant Union Representative Network (TURN)
Arrange for "a certified housing inspector from TURN to inspect your rental property for hazards at an affordable cost. The inspector will provide you with an 8 page housing inspection report identifying needed repairs and check for lead paint hazards..."