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Self-Help: Landlord Tenant

Philly Tenant Hotline: 267-443-2500


Some of theses brochures can be found at, the Philadelphia Courts Brochures & Manuals page and/or the Pennsylvania Bar Association website. 

Websites Philadelphia Eviction Prevention Project
"Your Resource for Tenant Rights in Philadelphia." See the Resource Library for articles, flyers, and laws about renting in Philadelphia. Topics include applying for housing, eviction, appeals, lead, reasonable accommodation for disabilities, repairs, security deposits, and more.

Tenant Union Representative Network (TURN)
TURN offers Renters Rights Webinars via Zoom, provides a Tenant Bill of Rights, and describes various Tenant Laws related to LeasingUtilities, and Discrimination

Eviction Diversion Program City of Philadelphia
The City of Philadelphia's free "Eviction Diversion Program enables landlords and tenants to arrive at an agreement that works for both parties, without having to go to Court." See the About and FAQ pages for more info.

Fair Housing Commission City of Philadelphia 
The Fair Housing Commission (FHC) makes sure that renters have safe places to live and that landlords follow housing laws like the City's Fair Housing Ordinance. Learn about how to file a complaint about unfair rental practices in Philadelphia with the FHC.

Common Landlord Tenant Issues Philadelphia Legal Assistance (PLA)
Tips on how to request repairs, get a security deposit back, look for rental assistance, and more.

Property, Lots & Housing City of Philadelphia
Information on obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy, renting a property, and more.

Subsidized Housing Community Legal Services
See the Self-Help Materials under "Additional Resources" like PHA Grievance Hearing Guide and How to Make a HUD Complaint

Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA)
Leases and operates affordable housing in Philadelphia. Runs the city's Housing Choice Voucher Program and Public Housing program.

U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD): Pennsylvania
Federal agency that runs programs to provide housing and works to ensure fair and equal housing opportunity for all.

Also see the "General" tab in this box.

Private Rental Housing Community Legal Services
See the Self-Help Materials under "Additional Resources" like The Eviction Process in Philadelphia County and Housing and Domestic Violence.

Also see the "General" tab in this box.

PHILADELPHIA Commission on Human Relations (PCHR) City of Philadelphia
The City’s official civil rights agency. It enforces an important set of local laws that prevent discrimination and promote equality. Learn about how to file a complaint about housing or property discrimination in Philadelphia.

PENNSYLVANIA Human Relations Commission (PHRC) State of Pennsylvania
PA's civil rights enforcement agency. It enforces state laws that prohibit discrimination (including discrimination related to housing). Learn about how to file a complaint related to housing or commercial property discrimination.